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Happy Halloween from block 1 ELL

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Parents: How to login to check your child’s grade and attendance

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Create a product Assignment


Video Links:

International student field trip to Wells Gray Park on June 12, 2015

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June 11, 2015

English 10:

Exam Prep part c topics:

May 25, 2015

English 10:

Romeo and Juliet: currently on Act III Sc iv and v

Exam prep: Section B (Practice #3) Due Monday May 25.

Literacy Links 8/9:


Autobiographical poem (1)

Circle Poetry (3)

Alphabet Poetry (5)

Picture Poetry (2)

Terse Verse (15)

Haiku Poetry (3)

Tanka Poetry (3-5)

Written work:

“The Police State”

“The Girl Who Lived Forever: Anne Frank’s Legacy” paragraph

Poetry in lyrics assignment

May 20, 2015

English 10:

Late work ASAP

Part B practice exam ASAP

ACT III sc. 1 questions due Thursday

Love at First Sight Activity – Due Thursday.


Thank you,

Mr. Gurney

May 5, 2015

Literacy Links 8/9:

  • Autobiographical poem
  • Circle Poem
  • Alphabet poem
Paragraph: “The Police State”
English 10:
We started “Romeo and Juliet”
Please complete Act I, scene i questions for Wednesday
Thank you,
Mr. Gurney